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Fantastic, just as the desktop version

Anki is a huge help in my study of Japanese, I honestly dont know where Id be without it. So much more powerful than the other SRS apps. If I may make a suggestion, some text in the app, especially on the info screen, isnt very legible. Replacing the current font (Times, is it?) by a different one (Georgia? Helvetica?) would help tremendously. Keep up the good job and thanks for a wonderful tool!

So useful

Kind of expensive but so worth it in my chinese studies. Guess its fair taking into account the free online storage of my anki decks. Use this app everyday!

This is THE app !

I wanted to thank you so much for conceiving, creating and maintaining this so excellent study tool ! If only everybody had the opportunity to work with ANKI... Really worth every little penny of its cost. Really bravo !

Pinyin toolkit

I have a problem With the pinyin toolkit... It always open the nciku dictionnary and i do not want it... Btw the app is a good idea

Really helps but...

There are some bugs like with audio files. Some of them dont play, and I font know why. But in the whole its the perfect app to learn a foreign language (I learn German). Hope it continues to improve...

Was expecting the same as the progam on my computer

I really like this program on my computer, however this app dose not have the same fonction. Was ready disappointed to find that out only after I paid for the app. 20 euros. End up find another app that give the same fonction computer - ipad and cost less 5,99. Anywho since I paid for this app I will us it. Hope they updated it soo. UPDATED this app suck ! More and more I try and us it. What a waste of time and money the app flashcard is better.

bugs remain non-corrected

very neglected app, I wonder if it is discontinued. bugs havent been fixed for months, i.e. undo function, etc. for the price (incredibly expensive) simply not worth it. try flashcards deluxe instead. a thousand times better, bug free, more features and a fair price!

Waste of money

Reversing decks is a complete hassle. Impossible to create decks without a desktop.

Exellent but

It was awsome until this update We Cant add any images anymore !!!!!

Utilisez un clavier physique

* Bad layout on iPad mini. It has large margins. * Why remove stats button ? * "Synchronize button" always appear yellow even if theres nothing new. Please correct this. Thanks

New features !

Please add a night mode and a translation in french ! :)

Professional learning toll

Ive used the online version for almost 4 years and now I just decided to give it a try online. It helped me improve my English skills and now am using it to learn other languages. So far, the app has met my expectations.


I love the desktop version and as Im traveling I bought the mobile, without even reading the description, because I never imagined I wouldnt be able to download decks with it, which is frustrating. When I get home Ill transfer it, but using the nightmare called "iTunes".

Great software

Among my most important apps.

Needs Dropbox sync

Otherwise great!

Still doesnt have a NOTIFICATIONS system

Despite off all updates, Anki mobile still doent have a basic tool shared for almost all app, a system of NOTIFICATIONS in the home screen. This is primary for any app, much more for one of this nature. It would be awesome if it was possible to know how many cards we have to review without the necessity to open the app. This is a way to do more reviews/day and make more progress in our studies. Looking forward to seeing this in the next upgrade.

Worth every cent and more

This is one of the most useful apps I have on my phone. Has helped me learn portuguese better than any teacher or any book Ive ever had or used. People who rate this 1 star must lead a miserable life and I feel sorry for them.

not satisfied at all

not satisfied at all! paid too much for tablet and anki software and now you want me to buy a desktop computer in order to download new decks?! and also ankiweb does not work! sory, i expected more for this money! my first and last apple!

Poor UI

While the functionality fulfills my expectations the user interface doesnt at all. I expected something better for that price.


I use Anki since years for my computer and now bought it for my ipad. Synced all my decks without problems on my ipad. Changes on your iPad deck also get synced to your pc decks. Useful App, but only 4 Stars because of the price. Must-have for everyone cramming vocabulary or foreign characters like Chinese.

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