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To those who have never heard of Anki, use it. If you are a student it will be a life saver. Honestly anything I put in Anki I feel confident that I will know come exam day. And I do recommend trying it out first before the buying the app. To those who use Anki but am unsure of buying it, it is totally worth it. You can use "downtime" to go through some flashcards, wherever you are you can squeeze some studying in! It is highly recommended, you wont regret spending 25 dollars on it

Best learning app

This is the best app for learning literally anything.

Awesome studying app

A great app to have on the phone. Allows you to study whenever you have some downtime and where ever you are!


I hate this app! It is so hard to use and the support is useless! I spent hour putting my decks together, then when I synced them THEY ALL DISAPPEARED! Don t waste your precious study time trying to figure out this app.


Out of date. Hard to use. Please dont buy it for your own sake

Huge disappointment and I cannot get my money back!

I only purchased this app a few days ago based on the reviews and app description. Right out of the starting gate I create flashcards and the functionality to move to the next flash card does not work! I dont know if its the new iOS I just installed, but I want my $25 back!!

Saved me!!

I would have failed out of my graduate program long ago if it wasnt for this software. Thank you.

Must Have app, One thing missing

This app is definitely worth the $25.00 Im a medical student, and this Anki is the only thing that allows you to permanently learn the mountain of information. I have to admit, I had to watch about 35-40 minutes of YouTube videos about using Anki on computer before I could dive in, and really use this effectively, but it was time well spent. The only thing this app needs (that desktop add-ons have) is support for multiple choice with randomization. I believe active recall is better for long term memory, but the USMLE requires being very good at analyzing vignette style questions that have a lot of distractor-answers. I can make multiple choice, now, but the answer will always be in whatever order I write the question. I would like it to be randomized. -- add this function, and you get 5-stars!


I started with Anki on my computer to study for the medical school admissions test, and it proved to be completely invaluable, so I decided to get the app to study on the go. I could not be more happy with this app! I love Anki because it keeps statistics on each of your cards and develops due dates based on your ease of answering to maximize your long-term retention. This will automatically prioritize your most difficult cards, while refreshing you on easier ones less frequently. This allows you to learn and retain very large volumes of information incredibly efficiently. I wish I knew about this program before I started college!

Selective sync?

Ok Mr. $25 flash card app... How about giving us an option to chose which decks are downloaded during the initial sync? Ugh. I have over a gigabyte of decks on my laptop and now theyre ALL going to my phone. It is taking forever.

Use this for all my studying

I love this and it was completely worth the money because I can study anywhere on the go now.

Worth the money.

I didnt buy this for a long time because of the price tag but it is well worth the cost. I use this app all the time for my university classes as well as remembering things I want to learn on the side. I would like to see an option to export a deck and email it. Or export and save to Dropbox. Sometimes I would like to save a backup.

Highly recommended

Feels good to support Anki

Pad needs work

Cool app that I like to use to practice writing Japanese characters on the pad. I cant figure out how to clear the pad so I can repeat writing the character. It only lets me erase one stroke at a time. It takes too much time to erase it this way when my goal is to perfect writing when I have to keep tapping the erase button.

The best thing that ever happened to me in my whole English learning journey

I can get rid of my whole iPad and iPhone but cant live without Anki.

$25 is steep but worth it!

Yes, $25 for a flashcard app might seem expensive, especially since the desktop version is free. But as someone who spends several hours a week on public transportation, Anki Mobile has proved to be priceless. Anki is definitely worth it if you know how to use its features. This app has helped me tremendously in my study of Japanese. Also, the developer regularly releases updates and you can tell that hes always working hard to fix bugs. If youre wondering why the iOS app is $25 and the desktop version is free, its probably because a desktop version would be useless since most people would just download a pirated version anyway (cant do that here unless you have a jail broken iPhone). Give credit where credit is due. Anki is a great app and you wont regret the purchase!


I would gladly pay twice the price for this. Its by far the best flashcard program and worth every penny.

Great app It has been perfected!!!

I love anki. This is the pinnacle of flashcard programs. The PC/Mac versions are flawless. And now so is the Iphone version! They have added all the mobile features I love like adding formatting to cards. The new card editor is amazing compared to the old basic one. They have added tags to automatically be added and can be selected from drop down and cloze deletions are now supported. Only thing I would add. The ability to un-suspend cards. I still have to do this on my PC. Over all this is still the best app out there for flashcards. I am in medical school, have thousands of flashcards, and this program really is the only option if you are serious about your learning. The $20 is worth it.

Oh, its new update! ^__^

Another big thank you for the update!

A flashcard development environment

Hooray for the new update! Im excited to put it to use! Now packed with power.

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