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Oh, its new update! ^__^

Another big thank you for the update!

Good updates

This is a fantastic app for doing spaced repetition flash card studying. It has a lot of options and fantastic pre made decks. Making your own decks has a bit of a learning curve however. If youre looking to turn down the volume of the music (always) its the option "always duck". Something to do with duck and cover? Anyway, Im happy to have this feature back.


Has consistently worked for several years for me. The UI is more than serviceable, but not great.

Idea: audio play back speed x0.5 x1.5 x2 x4 option

This app is great. I was wondering if you guys could add a feature that allows the playback speed of audio cards to be sped up to an option of our choice. This would really help speed up longer playbacks. I know we could just record by talking faster. But there are times where Id like to here the term or phrase slowly and times when I want to hear them faster. Itll help me get through audio cards a lot faster. Thanks for the excellent app!

Really Great Mobile Version

Used the desktop version for years... The mobile version is really good, definitely worth the money if you use Anki a lot. I still mostly use the desktop version for adding stuff, but these days I do all my reviews on my phone.

Worth every penny

While the price is steep, I would spend it again in a heartbeat. This app syncs perfectly with the Mac OS or Windows program perfectly. Using this method has drastically changed the way I study and has increased my desire to learn more.

Worth it? Yes.

This tool is great for learning new things and even refreshing your mind on things you have forgotten. I use it all the time. It just takes some willpower for me to use it every day.

So close to perfect, just one big Im noticing. Can be fixed Im sure

Hey, great up, almost perfect! For whatever reason the pictures I put in the answers arent showing up on this mobile version. There is only an empty outline of a rectangle where the pic should be. Im on an iPhone 6S

purchased to support developer

Anki has been such a powerful tool for helping me to learn Chinese, especially with its Chinese support and AwesomeTTS add-ons for the computer version. I even created a deck with its own note type suitable for sharing. I was quite satisfied with the computer version to manage decks and using AnkiWeb to study on my mobile devices. However, I wanted to support the developer, so I purchased AnkiMobile. It seems to do everything its description and manual say it does. I still mostly manage my decks on the computer version, but now I can study on my mobile devices without internet access.

I am so grateful for Anki

I bought this not only to support the developer, but to continue studying on my phone. Im impressed with how well the online features transfer over to iOS. Kudos! Keep the updates coming!

Interface: AWFUL. Tool: Useful

The tool would be SO helpful if it didnt enjoy being so dang pretentious. Its like eating at a restaurant that wont take an item off the dish because thats not how it was "intended." Take a moment and make it easier to change your cards and sync your phone without spending hours initially. Ive had Anki for years and apparently I need to make a deck for my password because theres no easy way to reset it. Fix the interface already and make it user friendly before you spend all this time on algorithms that people wont even be able to utilize because of the app itself.

Finally a meaningful update.

ANKI app review: 4/20/16: Love the app. Still need backups to be saved to email or Dropbox. Otherwise, nothing else is urgently needed. 3/3/16: happy to see the new update. Its a big one. However, Im too scared to update right now because if there Is a major bug, then I would have to use my laptop or the anki web. I will way for more reviews to show up to make sure it is safe to update. I did not see an option for dark/night mode in the log of updates. I hope its implemented. While using the iPad pro, the bright white background really hurts my eyes, even at the lowest brightness setting. Because the screen is so big, theres a lot of light coming at my face. I know I can use the inverted screen mode that iOS offers, but then all my pictures are inverted to. Because of this, I have to keep switching from inverted mode to normal mode when there is a picture in a card. Update on January 2016: still no meaningful update. Im using this on my iPad pro. While creating a card, selecting a word is buggy. The cursor scrolls vertically even though I am just tapping and holding a single letter. Still cannot zoom in on pictures. The boxes for creating cards is too small. Still cannot paste a picture in to cards. Have to select through photo library, which is a pain. I know this was promoted as a companion app. But that was several years ago. For $25 dollars, I expected the app to perform at an standard level after a couple years of development. This app is neglected. Save your money and use the ankiweb. Or use Flashcards Deluxe, which is a premium app with more functionality than this pos. Previous review Anki: please add an action extension which would allow us to make a cloze deletion card from other apps directly to anki. We still need to come up with a efficient way to creating anki flashcards on the ios and I think this will be a great step towards it. Also, the app desperately needs a share sheet which should allow us to input content into a specific deck. Charge us more but at least get it done. Include some in-app purchases if it needs to be that way.

I ❤️ Anki

Anki is one of my favorite apps I own; I use the OSX and iOS apps to take notes on what I study and review daily to retain what I learn (Im a programmer and use Anki for everything I learn but especially for programming topics). I only have two issues that if fixed would make this app perfect: 1) Auto "Synchronize" and 2) Render HTML in the same way the desktop app does (so you dont see the plain text HTML tags that show up on mobile)


Its great having Anki for mobile with sync to my desktop copy. Must have app!

A flashcard development environment

Hooray for the new update! Im excited to put it to use!

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