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How to use Anki

Edd shows you how use the flashcard programme Anki. If you like the intro music, check out ProleteR's bandcamp:

Useful Apps for Med School | What's on my iPad Medical School Edition

iPad Apps can be really useful when it comes to studying in medical school. There are some really useful apps for taking notes like Notability. For memorizations ...

Ankiweb Tutorial: Getting your decks onto all your devices

This a tutorial on how to set up Ankiweb, so that you can get your flashcards synchronized across your various devices (Laptops, smartphones, etc.)

"Remembering the Kanji" Review!!

Here's a link to the page for "Remembering the Kanji" by James W. Heisig: Here are some great resources that go ...

AnkiDroid quick overview

This is a quick overview of AnkiDroid app for Android Market.

JLPT - Top iOS Apps for Learning Japanese

Here are my top Japanese apps for learning. From dictionaries to Kanji, grammar to brushstrokes, these apps cover the essentials. Here are the links in ...

H.I. #12: Hamburgers in the Pipes

Grey & Brady are both in bad shape but still manage to discuss: pronunciation pedantry, Avatar, viral videos against social media, and net neutrality. ☟ SHOW ...

How to make great flashcards on your iPhone

Use Google Docs spreadsheets to make great flashcard decks for your iPhone or other smartphone.

Using and Upgrading Anki 2 for iPhone and iPad

Watch as I update Anki 2 on my iPad! I also study a bit!

Anki iOS App

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